Fresh Ginseng Root

Fresh New Zealand wild grown 14 year old roots are dug to order. These are sent in a container and are a minimum of 50g. Each container of root should give at least a month’s supply of daily refreshing tonics. Instructions supplied. 

Available April to September.

Container Plants

Roots are available for you to plant in containers. These plants give a wonderful display over the spring and summer with lovely green leaflets on a stemmed plant approximately 35cm high.

Will grow green berries that turn bright red in late summer. Must be kept in a shady spot preferably under trees with dappled light. Instructions are given with orders.

These can only be supplied during the dormant period June to September.

Contact us at for more information

Dried Roots

14 year old Ginseng dried roots are available in limited supplies. These can be used in teas and additives to soups and stews.

Minimum order of 25 g

Ginseng Seed

Fully stratified Ginseng seed is available in limited quantities. Ready for planting July / September.

Contact us at to confirm availability.

Minimum order 100g (approx 1300 seeds)